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Cyber Security Breakfast Workshops

Cyber Policy -Brussels -12 October // 16 November // 7 December 2018

A series of interactive training workshops for senior managers at the European Commission

ECSO, in partnership with its member company - Microsoft, launches Cyber Security Breakfast Workshops to support the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) initiative. A series of interactive training workshops have been designed for 25 – 30 senior managers at the European Commission who are committed to strengthening their digital security literacy

CONCEPT. There will be a series of three 90-minute breakfast workshops, starting in October and continuing in November and December. No prior knowledge, training or background is necessary, as each workshop is intended to build on the learnings from the prior.

1. Building your “Cybersecurity Policy Foundations”
12 October // 8:00-10:00
In this foundational course, we will provide the attendees with an overview of the state of cybersecurity and cybercrime today. We will cover the most common cyber threats, such as tech scams, malware attacks, phishing and social engineering. We will also provide more insight into nation-state attacks and ongoing diplomatic efforts to address cybercrime, threatening democratic processes.

2. Building your “Cybersecurity Toolkit”
 16 November // 8:00-10:00
In this course, the attendees will learn how to avoid common security mistakes and protect oneself from different tech scams and online fraud when using technology. In addition, as policymakers travel quite frequently, this workshop will also introduce a wireless security and will give practical solutions to protecting oneself when being on the go. At the end of this workshop, the attendees will have their “cybersecurity toolkit” – a set of skills that is constantly evolving.

3. Practicing your “Cybersecurity Culture”
7 December // 8:00-10:00

To conclude the training series, an interactive exercise bringing together the learnings of the previous two workshops will be organised. Participants will have a chance to put in practice their cybersecurity skills and incorporate these learnings into everyday work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Participation at the Cyber Security Breakfast Workshops is by invitation only.