CEPS promotes the creation of the NIS2 Forum

ECSO Members -June, 2nd 2021

Latest news from the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)

2nd June 2021

CEPS' Task Force on Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity published its latest report on 28th May 2021. Download the report!

What's next?

CEPS, jointly with Wavestone and ICF, has supported the Commission in the study on the review of the NIS directive and would like to offer its expertise and independent research capabilities to contribute to the discussion on the NIS2 proposal and its impact on the cybersecurity landscape in the European Union.

Therefore, CEPS promotes the creation of the NIS2 FORUM, as a platform for discussion among EU institutions, industry, academia and civil society on the NIS2 proposal and its evolution through a series of workshops/meetings related to specific topic steaming from the analysis of the proposal and the development of the legislative process.

More information will soon be available on the CEPS website,