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ECSO aims to contribute towards a cybersecurity competences and capacity-building effort for the European digital agenda, through increased education, professional training and skills development, as well as actions on awareness-raising and gender inclusiveness.

Mission & Objectives

The working group focuses on the following issues:

  • Education & skills: Skills verification, minimum curricula (universities), Youth4Cyber (education modules ages 6-26).
  • Training / operational competences: EHR4CYBER (HR/jobs), cybersecurity training and exercise ecosystem leveraging upon cyber range environments, building up a European Cyber Range Community
  • Awareness / cyber hygiene / gender inclusiveness: Women4Cyber Foundation: national chapters, role model campaigns, etc., collaboration on awareness campaigns with EU institutions/Agencies; etc
  • Human factors: link with citizens and civil society on aspects related to ethics, privacy, awareness, fight against cyber crime, and societal impact

Ongoing work

  • Gather the cyber range community and showcase cyber ranges in Europe through Call to Action.
  • Advocate skills verification through use case model approach (which skills needed for specific tasks or scenarios) and contribute to the development of a European cybersecurity skills framework (ENISA ad-hoc WG).
  • Support HR/recruitment efforts in cybersecurity and work on implementing a job / competence platform.
  • Develop minimum curricula for cybersecurity courses at university.
  • Implement Youth4Cyber modules at national level with the support of members. International cooperation with ITU under discussion.
  • Raise awareness on basic cyber hygiene, education & skills (through awareness calendar) and support EU and members’ awareness initiatives.

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ECSO Secretariat:

The working group chairs are Almerindo Graziano (Silensec), Csaba Virag (GTCT), Paresh Rathod (Laurea) 

The working group is segmented into the following sub-working groups:

  • SWG5.1 Cyber range environments and technical exercises - Chairs: CybExer, GUARDTIME and SILENSEC
  • SWG5.2: Education and professional training - Chairs: SILENSEC, CINI and CybExer
  • SWG5.3: Awareness - Chairs: I4FLAME, DETACK and LAUREA