MARK YOUR CALENDAR: European Cyber Agora 2021

Event -3 June, 2021

ECSO and KPMG strengthen their efforts in the field of CIIP.

3rd June 2021

ECSO and KPMG are strengthening their efforts in the field of Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP). In this regard, ECSO is joining KPMG at the European Cyber Agora powered by Microsoft to discuss Cyber norms and critical infrastructure protection on Thursday 3rd, June at 13.30. The aim of the workshop is to carve out good practices and key challenges in implementing measures for critical infrastructure protection, ranging from operational to normative and political measures and future policy implementation. The results from the workshop will serve as input for further discussions on the subject, including for example the recently established Paris Call working groups.


  • Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General & Founder, European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO)
  • Annemarie Zielstra, Partner, Cybersecurity, KPMG
  • Augustinus Mohn, Senior Consultant, Cyber Risk Management, KPMG
  • Manon Verdiesen, Cyber Security Consultant, KPMG
  • Nikolas Ott, Project Manager, Cybersecurity and Digital Diplomacy, European Government Affairs, Microsoft
  • Florian Pennings, Director, European Government Affairs, Microsoft
  • Nemanja Malisevic, Director, Digital Diplomacy, Microsoft

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This workshop will be based on a survey and interviews conducted by Microsoft with the support of KPMG. ECSO invites you to participate in the survey and make your voices heard on the topic! The survey aims to capture challenges and best practices when it comes to creating norms for CIIP.

>> Access the survey here: